Style juicer Writes About One of My Fav Brit Designers, Tori Murphy


Tori-Murphy and Her Black and Ecru Throw In Merino Lambswool


Gorgeous Blog “Stylejuice” has her design eye on Dovetail-Living and Tori Murphy. Here’s what Annie has to say about the two:

Thank-you for sharing Annie…


Tori Murphy has been on my radar for a while but in this fast moving (blogging) world she kinda slipped my mind so I was delighted when Dovetail Living informed me last week that they now stock her home textiles.

I adore her aesthetic of simple hand drawn designs combined with beautiful and tactile materials. She tries to keep her ingredients to a minimum and instead be creative with pattern and structure. Supporting British manufacturing is imperative to her with fabrics woven in Lancashire, washed and finished in the Yorkshire Dales and then made up into product in Nottingham where Tori lives and designs the products.

Her collection is created with style and quality in mind and in an interview with Occa Home she explains:

I’ve always tried to make things that are about simple design, good, honest materials and good craftsmanship. I like to keep the focus on the materials and the designs are quite simple and bold, we use the best materials possible and to an extent we let them speak for themselves. I would describe it as a simple, pared back aesthetic.

I’m always intrigued where textile designers get their inspiration for patterns from and was interested to read that Tori is inspired by regular patterns she sees in nature and drawn to anything that is repetitive but has an imperfection in it. All of her designs are hand drawn and nothing is really perfect which makes them different and sets them apart.

Though she does introduce a hot pink and some gold in her textiles I prefer the strong black accents and muted colours which for me work best with her bold patterns. In fact I’m having a serious crush on her Murphy and Chevy throw.

Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-11 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope02 Tori-Murphy-via-Stylejuicer-06 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-05 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope1 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-08 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-10 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-09 Tori-Murphy-via-TrendlineEurope-12

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