Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper 2014

The Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper Launch

I wrote this post just before we had to unexpectedly close down Dovetail-Living and as with all of the posts that I have written I would still love to share it with you..

I am so excited to announce the launch of the brand spanking new, Eley Kishimoto wallpaper range. Their new range is just like their womenswear collection, energetic and bursting full of patterns, all of which, I may add, are hand screen-printed in their Brixton studio, in South London.


I’ve loved Eley Kishimoto ever since they came onto the scene in the early ’90’s and what with working in the fashion world back then too, they made a huge impact. Their crafted patterns graced the catwalks of the likes of Louis Vuitton, through to Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz, Jil Sander to name just a few.


Then in the mid 90’s Eley Kishimoto was set up as a fashion brand in their own right and they’ve never looked back, living by their mantra of wanting to “print the world” and being the “Patron Saints of Print” how could you not love them?


Here we go the new Eley Kishimoto wallpaper range (which they launched a couple of months ago) and which we have here at Dovetail-Living – The Pattern-Centric Homewares Boutique – a perfect match…

Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper 2014
Eley Kishimoto’s La La Lyon Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto's Cameo Chevron Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto’s Cameo Chevron Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto's Venice Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto’s Venice Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto's Frills Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto’s Frills Wallpaper

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