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We want work with Brands, new or established to ensure that your whole supply chain from the fields to the factory is ethical, sustainable, transparent and Fair Trade. We believe that every Brand, be it in Fashion, Homewares or Lifestyle needs to integrate this into the supply chain now – it’s what is going to make Brands stand out and be different to start off with and then ideally it will be become the norm. It’s essential for our planet, people and in turn profit.


We’ve worked within the Fashion, Lifestyle and Homewares industries for over 15 years, buying and sourcing for the fast-paced mass market  through to the “slower” paced individual Designers, Craftsmen and Artisans. We understand and can see what is happening in the industry – or in the case of the Fashion industry, sadly not much and there is a major need for ethical change and we can work with you to do this.


Customers are understanding and starting to demand for quality over quantity and ethical products versus simply more product, we as the industry need to take responsibility of the whole of our supply chain and ensure that we can offer customers the sustainable products that they are desiring.


Talk to us if:

You’re an independent label starting out and are looking to create and build a long-term and an innovative supply chain. We can help you with sourcing sustainable fabrics, introduce you toFair Trade manufacturers and work with you through the processes on how to achieve organic certification, through to achieving such labelling as the “Craft” label

You’re wanting to tell and share your compelling story about your ethical label

You’re an established Brand wanting to introduce and incorporate sustainability into your supply chain

You’re an established Brand looking to create and launch an ethical sub-label or organic collection into your current range

You’re a large and influential retailer seeking ideas and potential projects to invest in long-term as part as your strategy to “give back” to the environment and those workers that have been underpaid


We deliver:

We advise and work with you to create your ethical label from scratch

We research and connect you with the relevant ethical and sustainable manufacturers and suppliers for your new label

We’ll do your PR and Branding for your new ethical label and let your future customers know all about you

We’ll source sustainable products for your range

We’ll work on collaborations between you and ethical artisans and craftsmen

If you’re a sustainable manufacturer or supplier we’ll put you in touch with the right retailers and Brands

We can connect you and work with you on large scale, long term sustainable investment projects, from working direct with smallholder farmers through to investing in projects with women’s associations in Africa