Spring Has Sprung – Fresh Spring Flowers

I’m so in love with Spring Flowers, in particular, the wisteria that has burst into bloom over my terrace over the last few days. It’s the colour, the vibrancy of it and the way that the sun shines through it with its beautiful rays, creating such a warming “purple haze” and making sitting outside, just, magical.

The Gorgeous Purple Haze Wisteria Growing Like Wildfire Across My Terrace
The Stunning Wisteria Cascading Over The Terrace of  A Beautiful French Bar, Needless To Say One of My Favourite Spots Right Now
A Rustic Moroccan Lantern Hanging Amidst The Entwining Wisteria
Beautiful Lilac Blooms

Whilst I’m sapping up the heady scents of the Spring blooms, I was so pleased to receive these images through this week for our Linnea’s Lights Candles. I think that they look so wonderful, pure and fresh in their white way.

Spring Flowers and The Beautiful Fresh Fragranced Linnea’s Lights Candles

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