People’s true connection with your Brand is shaped by their experience. It’s one thing creating the Brand but sustaining its impact and power is just as critical. One of the key drivers in bringing the magic of a Brand alive is the collection, the actual products themselves and how they connect and identify with your customer with compelling storytelling. Your customers want to know about how the product was made, where it was made, the inspirations behind it as this all creates an essential connection between your conscious customer and your product. Inject unique and intriguing Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle pieces in your on and off-line stores and keep your customers coming back for more.


With our Bespoke Product Sourcing Services you’ll discover the European Designers, Craftsmen and Artisans that create and make beautiful, original lifestyle bags, bespoke jewellery, sustainably made fashion collections, hand-painted cushions, hand-illustrated ceramics, hand-blown glassware, hand-made swings and much more. We can connect you and work with you on collaborations with the Designers that are creating and making those one-off special pieces as well as those that can create unique ranges for you, your stores and your customers.

At another level, we cover the French and UK trade shows, so if you’re unable to cover them we can do it for you. We provide tailored product reports, created specifically with your Brand’s focus and vision in mind, suggesting all that we see in terms of the design, colour, print, shape and trends that are Brand-right for you and ultimately, your end customer.


Talk to us if you’re a:

Retailer wanting to know what the key Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle pieces are right now: the key colours, prints, shapes, patterns and trends that are emerging or happening in the UK and France

A retailer or a Designer looking to collaborate with talented European Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle Designers

A retailer endlessly sourcing new European Designers to showcase in your on and off-line stores

A retailer considering a new direction in terms of product and need some inspiration

A journalist or blogger looking for new Designers and new products to feature


We deliver:

Bespoke Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle trade show reports from London and Paris if you’re a retailer or Designer looking to see what’s happening next

Brand-right collaborations with Designers, connecting Designers and retailers as well as Designers with other Designers for unique collaborations

Press releases and high res photos all at the ready for your features and for you to work with if you’re a journalist or blogger

If you would like us to work with you contact us by:

Telephone: +44 (0) 208 133 7588