We want to work with you to grow, nurture and build your Brand, if you’re a start-up, as much as, if you’re established and looking to boost your Brand with fresh, innovative and inspirational ideas. In today’s ultra-connected and hyper-competitive globalised world, it’s all about the way you communicate, interact and the way that you connect with your customers and your followers – it’s a necessity on and off-line in order to stay ahead.


We’ve had our own online Interiors & Lifestyle Boutique and we’ve worked for a combined 30 years in the bricks and mortar Fashion, Homewares & Lifestyle retail worlds, so we totally understand how every interaction and communication with your customer has to be consistent and compelling. We can also see how the retail landscape is changing and how it is the more approachable “human” Brands that are surviving and growing, leaving those “heritage” Brands far behind. It’s a customer-first approach that is key to how people interact and shop today and it needs to be dynamic.


PR, Brand Building and Brand Awareness: We’ll work with you to create a Brand-building PR campaign keeping it exciting and enabling you to unleash your uniqueness, your Brand’s character and individual stories via your website, your products, your visuals, your voice, your social media campaigns, all of which are key elements to elevating your Brand presence and enticing customers. Your customers need to see you across a series of platforms, all of which are coherent and tell the same story. The PR of your Brand needs to become like a 360 degrees collaboration between the on and off-line worlds.


Talk to us if you’re:

A UK or international Designer or Brand wanting to build up brand presence in the UK Homewares, Lifestyle and Fashion magazines and newspapers

Struggling to get noticed by the Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle influencers in the Blogosphere

Wanting to create a global presence in the digital media world, including with your own social media

An established Designer or Brand wanting to keep the buzz around your Brand alive

You’re going through a change and need to tell your new story


We deliver:

We manage your Brand’s PR and media relations

We develop and execute your tailored Brand-building print and digital media strategy and campaign

We develop and execute your tailored social media marketing strategies, plans and campaigns

We create and generate feature and editorial opportunities for you and your Brand

We research and write your unique press releases for you

We ensure that your Brand is featured with key and impactful media, UK press and industry opinion leaders, bloggers and influencers

We research, compile and write unique blog postings that are Brand-right

We analyse and report on your organic Google rankings rise as a result of your on-going digital and off-line PR presence

We get involved with idea generation and special project management (exhibitions, trade shows, sponsorships)

We design unique logos, graphics and visuals that are image-right

We monitor and report competitor activity and relevant industry trends, events and opportunities back to you


See what PR we got up to for our own on-line Homewares and Interiors Boutique, Dovetail-Living, in terms of our UK press and digital media coverage, our blog features, tailored newsletters, sliders, flyers and mood boards, it’s all on our TrendlineEurope Blog >


If you’d like us to work with you contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0) 208 133 7588