The New Queen of Cream, Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke is the new Queen of Cream, sorry Kelly Hoppen, once the Queen of Beige but Rose is, right now, the one that demonstrates how to do calm, understated and collected luxe in a warm and inviting way. She is the Interior Designer to go to if you can afford not to ask how much and that is why her latest clients, the Beckhams have chosen Rose to undertake their new London pad in Holland Park.


Rose seems a very long way away from the rather more, how should I say the “OTT” days of the Beckhams and their “Beckingham Palace” and Rose is a reflection of this with her very “liveable” luxe.


This is The Sweeping Dramatic Staircase in Rose Uniacke’s Pimlico House, as shown in The Sunday Times. Rose replaced the mock Tudor stairs that were in the house when she brought it with this beautiful Victorian inspired Portland Stone staircase.


Rose Uniacke as Photographed for The Sunday Times. Rose wears what she designs. She has a laid-back luxe feel about her as you can see here with her beautiful feminine dress styled with relaxed bare feet. She is the height of relaxed elegance and that is what you get when you see her interior designs.


There are also chalky linen curtains which have been overlaid in another fine curtain of cashmere, bringing a “softness” into Rose’s feminine and timeless style. The Pimlico Home of Rose Uniacke as seen in The New York Times.

The New York Times call Rose’s style the “Grand Simplicity” as she mixes pared back reclaimed French floor boards (her signatory style) with lashings of white blended with a trace of colour across her ceilings and walls. Rose calls this “pinky, like an Italian palazzo” whilst The Sunday Times called it “chalk”.


Walls are pared down, like the reclaimed floorboards whilst the arches and the history of the building are left to do the talking. “I hope my style is warm. I don’t think it’s minimal, I hope that it’s more welcoming than that” as quoted in The Sunday Times. Rose Uniacke’s London Home As Seen In The New York Times.


I just love this bathroom and the way that Rose has contrasted those natural minimal wooden floorboards with that wonderful dazzling chandelier and placed the subtle yet not totally plain marble bath in the windows framed by an understated yet detailed surround. The Bathroom in Rose’s House  as seen in The Sunday Times.


This is a photo of Rose Uniacke in one of her wonderfully vast and Grand rooms in her Pimlico Home. It really shows the size and scale of her “modern palace”. This was once a ballroom and is now a luminous office with eye-catching goldfinch-yellow silk curtains, a Mogul rug from the 17th Century the size of an Olympic swimming pool and Borge Mogensen leather chairs, according to The Sunday Times. Photo courtesy of Liz Daxauer and Marcia Lee for Town and Country Magazine.


Rose’s Kitchen, which I think is saved from being “cold” by those rather wonderful bar stools with their warm gold legs. It is all of these subtle details that make Rose’s style so desirable.

Behind all of the “laid backness” and cool and collected luxe style, Rose is the other half of a media-centric couple. Her husband, film producer David Heyman, made his name from the successful Harry Potter film franchise (apparently earning at least £70m from the series) and she juggles her family alongside her gorgeous interiors shop in Pimlico. It is no wonder that the Beckhams have chosen Rose to design their house, as after all she totally understands how to juggle style whilst creating a family orientated home balanced with busy and modern lives.


If you’d like to find out about other projects that Rose Uniacke has been working on, click this way to her wonderfully stylish website >


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