Designer Focus: Nathalie Lete

Today I’m focusing on Designer Nathalie Lete as I feel like I haven’t really paid her much attention recently and what with The Chelsea Flower Show starting today, Nathalie and her blooming beautiful blooms came to the forefront of my mind.


Nathalie Lete With Her Beautiful and Quirky Floral and Bird Designs

Nathalie’s work, like her, is a rich and colourful tapestry of global influences. Her designs are unique and interestingly are a reflection of her upbringing and childhood. She has a German mother, hence so much of the European folk imagery that is so evident in her designs and her father is Chinese, which is where the Asian motifs appear in her work too.


Nathalie-Lete-via 3
Nathalie Lete and her Eastern European Influences Are Very Much Evident Here, In The Selection That I Brought For The Interiors and Homewares Boutique Dovetail-Living

What is more add the City of Light, Paris, where she lives and has her atelier and then you get the French influences too, such as her Deli worktop saver. I love this worktop saver with the cured meats and gherkins on, it’s just such a fab and whimsical mix of Nathalie Lete’s dreamy and quirky world and it always makes me smile.


Deli-Worktop-Saver via 4-
Deli Worktop Saver

Nathalie Lete’s signatory style is her painted naieve, almost child-like yet playful images. She loves flowers, birds, butterflies, the outdoors and all in wonderful, rich and warm colours.

nathalie-lete-at-via TrendlineEurope.com1
Beautiful Floral Coasters by Nathalie Lete
The-Floral-Coaster-Collection via
The Floral Coaster Collection, including Damask Roses, Tea roses and Bourbon Roses. This is our very own Chelsea Flower Show over here!
The-Bird-Coasters via
The Bird Coasters, including The Blue Tit, The Robin, The Gold Finch and The Swallow at Dovetail-Living

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