Make The Most of “La Rentrée”

C’est “La Rentrée”! I love the French word “La Rentrée” as it means so much more than the just the Brit equivalent “Back to School”. I compare it more to a New Year’s Resolution but one that I’m going to actually keep to. It’s about getting kids back to school ok but it also encompasses the sports that we’re going to sign up for, children and us alike, the lifestyle and the mindset that we’ve had time to ponder over and decide upon during the Summer hols.


Here at Dovetail-Living we’re talking the new direction, the new focus and the “new beginnings” for our homes too. A fresh start can be signalled by painting a room in an uplifting new colour and giving it a new lease of life. It could be as simple as moving a free-standing cupboard from one corner of the room to an area where it could have more focus and a new perspective.


I’ve been beavering away and adding the latest of Tori Murphy’s collection into the Dovetail-Living Boutique for La Rentrée. Tori’s signatory style of combining her simple and bold designs, with the best materials possible and the finest craftmanship is truly beautiful.


I would also love to introduce you to my latest hot find, the newcomers, Enrich & Endure. They are a sibling duo whom are taking an age-old Irish Linen weaving industry into a new and modern direction and one with a lot of soul.


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