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Dovetail-Living’s Homewares Designers At The Vivre Côté Sud Show, South of France

I always love to see and catch up with our Lifestyle and Homewares Designers at the Aix-en-Provence, Côté Sud Show, every year. First of all there were our fab London based Designers, Akin & Suri, with their wonderful, muted yet colourful geometric cushions, lampshades and wallpapers. What is more they have recently collaborated with one of our favourite local Provencal tilers, Carocim and also with the unique and very talented local ceramists at Atelier Buffile.

Akin-Suri-Cote-Sud via TrendlineEurope.com

The Akin & Suri Stand Looking Pattern’tastic

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Cote-Sud-Akin-and-Suri via TrendlineEurope.com

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I just Love The Mixing and the Matching of the Akin & Suri Patterns & Prints. Akin & Suri Is A World Where Patterns Can Never Clash As Their Colour Palette Is So Harmonious and It Just Ties Everything Neatly Together

Atelier-Buffile-via TrendlineEurope.com
This is one of the beautiful platters that Atelier Buffile and Akin & Suri have collaborated on
Carocim-Akin-Suri via TrendlineEurope.com
The Carocim Provencal Tiles Designed By Akin & Suri
Carocim-Akin-Suri-Kitchen-Tiles via TrendlineEurope.com
The Carocim and Akin & Suri Patterned Splashback At The Demonstration “Cuisine” Stand
The other one of our gorgeous Designers that we spotted at the Show were the cushions of French artist and Designer Genevieve Levy.
Genevieve-Levy-via TrendlineEurope.com
The Palm Tree & Camion Cushion Looks So At Home here On A Contrasting Neutral Coloured Linen Stripe Sofa
Genevieve-Levy-cushions-via TrendlineEurope.com
The Hand-Painted Linen Genevieve Levy Cushions Work So Well With the Contrasting Bold Provencal Wall and Those Coloured Lanterns. I’m also Loving That Basket and Its Painted Base

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