Abigail Ahern's faux plants via Trendline Europe.com

I’m Loving All of These Exotic Plants That I’m Seeing Across London

I’m just loving this abundance of palm trees, exotic plants, cacti, chic grasses everywhere and now even those ’80’s “air plants” are making a comeback! Maybe it’s because I am just a wee bit jealous of those fortunate to have green fingers but all the same it really doesn’t matter because even I can’t kill anything from Abigail Ahern’s new collection of faux plants and foliage!


Abigail Ahern's faux plants via Trendline Europe.com
Abigail Ahern’s exotic faux plant shop on the opening night


Abigail Ahern's grasses via Trendline Europe.com
Abigail Ahern’s faux zebra grasses, Tottenham Court Road, London


Alghalia interiors via Trendline Europe.com
Alghalia interiors with their geometric-web displaying exotic foilage


Knit by Curver
Then there are all of these hanging plants that are cascading down from the ceilings everywhere… I love these grasses and cacti in the plastic knit hanging holders from Knit by Curver


Book planters via trendline europe.com
Looking for somewhere original to put your exotic plants – how about in a book! I spotted this is one of my new favourite shops, Clerkenwell London.


Triangle East London via Trendline Europe.com
Triangle East London and their hanging plants


Last week I set some time aside to visit the shops over in East London, which was well and truly worth it as I came across Botany, Triangle, Search and Rescue to name just a few of them. Anyhow back to plants and these cool hanging ones, including my harking back to childhood/ok teenage years and those “air plants”!


Triangle East London store via Trendline Europe.com
Triangle in East London and their cool hanging plants and planters and those geometric triangles from which to hang the “air plants”


Air plants via trendline europe.com
Air plants in their rose copper geometric holders


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