My Design Discoveries At London Design Festival 2014

Wow what a week London Design Festival was! It just seems to get bigger and better every year and with last weeks being the best one for ages.


From seeing the incredible and charismatic, Philippe Starck open up 100%Design with the most inspiring presentation, through to visiting the Interiors Trade Shows across London, dropping in on the wonderful V&A, getting over to have drinks with the Designers at Material Lab and checking out the shops in and around the East End – it’s been quite a week..


Here’s an Edit of what I’ve been discovering at London Design Festival and just a taster of some of the things that I’ve been seeing and that I’d love to share with you. There’ll be more coming up on Dovetail-Living in our Boutique area over the next few weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled for newness.


In the mean time here’s what I’ve been seeing:

New Lighting From Hand-made, to hand-carved and even hand-blown:





Surface-wall interest was really big and really coming through in a major way. I’m talking 3-d origami in leather, tiles that are placed in such a way that the light makes the wall look 3-d, tactile walls, cut-outs in woods, this is a very interesting one to watch, especially at the High-End of the market – wonderful..





There were prints galore in wonderful primaries through to the pastels in the soft furnishings world. However there were more retro inspired graphics going on, moving on from the more angular graphics that we have been seeing for the past few seasons. Lots of “patchwork prints” in bold brights, patterns and plains was going on too, perfect if you’re looking to make a fast statement in your home.




This is what I’m calling right now Luxe Global Traveller as that is what it is and it’s looking Hot! This is at the High End of the Interiors Market so let’s get onto it now!




I really loved the working of wooden tables, chests of drawers and cupboard doors all in contemporary or retro shapes but looking fab and new when contrasted against bright colours:





Finally, there was a major Hand-made, Hand-crafted, Hand-blown aesthetic you name it, this Modern Craft is key right now and we at Dovetail-Living are and have been totally on to it right from the start. This deserves a whole posting dedicated to it so I’m going to get writing straight away.

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