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I love it when great and totally unique and often totally unexpected collaborations happen. They bring the best of both worlds together in terms of design, originality and creativity on the product side and then there is the whole “human” and relationship side that is so wonderful too. It’s like a meeting of minds, admiration for each-other’s work, passion and dedication between the parties collaborating and I just want to encourage more of these incredible moments and I want to really encourage more cross-product collaborations going forward, too.


I’m really proud of these collaborations that happened at the Discovering Designers event that I curated and organised in June 2015.


First off we have the bright and colourful world of Bluebellgray with their beautiful bed-linen which was displayed on a bed painted in Farrow & Ball’s stunning Churlish Green. Bluebellgray and Farrow & Ball often work together in the UK on photoshoots and displays as their colour palettes really compliment each other so it was great that they could work together for the first time in France.


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Next up was another wonderful collaboration between the lovely French Designer, Mariel Vanbremeersch, behind the label, Baleine Rouge, with her fab swings and Scottish label, Bluebellgray, with their bright painterly florals. This was a totally unique collaboration for Discovering Designers, so I’m really excited with this one too and I am also really proud of connecting the French and British Designers. How gorgeous are the swings?


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This collaboration I also totally love – it came about at the Discovering Designers event (photos of which you can see below). How fab, spontaneous and magical, just like the two Designers themselves! Virginie Roux, the incredible and most passionate lady behind the Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger perfume label and Raphaëlle Barbet, behind the dreamy world of Manga Rosa, collaborated on a project in Paris.


Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger via Trendline

 Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger at Discovering Designers

Manga Rosa Via TRendline

Manga Rosa’s Enchanting World at Discovering Designers


The below windows were for the launch of Au Pays De La Fleur D’Oranger’s Eau de Madeleine – “A Fragrance Launch Cocktail” in the Boutique Sens Unique in Paris and Raphaëlle created her complimentary world in the Boutique windows. This is how Virgine sums up her meeting of Raphaëlle, it’s like poetry..


“Son univers m’a interpelé. C’est un univers poétique, une création artistique. J’aime mélanger les arts et raconter l’histoire de la marque et des parfums. J’ai eu l’idée en voyant son univers de pouvoir de mettre en parallèle de mes parfums pour notre prochain évènement presse qui aura lieu le 9 juillet prochain à Paris. Cette parfumerie Sens unique sera le lieu de l’évènement. Beaucoup de marques sont exposées. Il faut que l’instant d’une journée, je transporte les visiteurs professionnels ou non dans l’univers de la marque. Je pense que Raphaëlle doit pouvoir m’y aider en contribuant à émouvoir, à faire travailler l’imaginaire des visiteurs. C’est comme un conte Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger.”


Here’s the translation of Virginie’s encounter with Raphaëlle into English:


“Her world spoke to me. It is a poetic, artistic creation. I like to mix art and tell the story behind my brand and my perfumes. I had the idea of seeing her world alongside my perfumes for our next press event, which is to be held on 9 July in Paris. The perfume Boutique Sens Unique will be the venue of the event. Many brands are going to be shown. I have to be able to take the guests that come into the store, at any time throughout the day, on a journey and take them into the world of my label. I think that Raphaëlle will be able to help me do this by contributing to the emotion and working the imagination of the guests. It’s like a tale of the Land Orange Blossom. ”


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Here’s looking forward to more gorgeous and unique collaborations…

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