A Brand must stand for something. If you’re an independent designer or an international retailer, you need to stand out in the retail landscape so that your potential customers can find you. You need to have a point of difference from your competitors and on top of that you need a purpose.


The purpose of your Brand needs careful consideration as this is what is going to set you apart. Once you have defined it, you need to tell it with conviction and then reinforce it as you position yourself for long-term growth.


We specialise in building and leveraging Brands and we know and understand the UK Homewares, Fashion and Lifestyle markets inside out. We’ve got a very hands-on approach, tailoring our services to your every need, meaning that we can work with you on your Brand-building strategy, right through to actually implementing it.


Talk to us if you’re:

You’re finding it hard to pin down and define your value proposition

Time is flying and you can’t build your Brand experience to how you want it or keep it consistent

Your offerings need to be updated or reinvigorated

There’s a disconnect and your products are saying one thing but your image is saying another

You don’t have the time to build up your Brand with on and off-line media exposure

You’re looking for new designers, ranges and products from the UK market to keep your stores fresh-looking

Your strategy is to enter or to develop and grow in the UK Home, Fashion or Lifestyle markets


For the UK market we define your:

Brand purpose

Brand image

Brand voice

Brand values

Brand promise

Brand alignment strategy

Brand positioning

Brand pricing

Competition in the market

We make it real:

We work with you to execute your strategies in the UK market

We work with a network of reputable and trust worthy UK agents, who have incredible store connections and who are at the ready to nurture and grow your business in the UK market


If you’d like us to work with you contact us:

Telephone: +44 (0) 208 133 7588