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Welcome to Dovetail-Living Amy Sia. I’m thrilled to have your gorgeous, vibrant and bright painterly cushions on board with us.


Amy Sia at

Ok, so let’s delve deeper into Amy’s colourful world – here we go…


You’ve evidently got a talented eye for colour and for design, where do you think that your style stemmed from? Were your parents artists? Is it something that you’ve always had from childhood or did it come to you later on in life?


Thank you Sam! I’ve always enjoyed painting and loved bold colour. My favourite thing to do as a child was paint. It’s definitely been something that I have done since childhood. My parents aren’t artists at all! My father is a doctor and my mother is a dentist. My grandad was very artistic and was a high school art teacher so perhaps I got it from him!


How did your signature painterly style come about? Do you love painting on paper too or do you think that your style adapts particularly well to interiors?


I’ve fallen into this painterly style because it is what I most enjoy doing. It’s really free, spontaneous and experimental which makes it so fun to do! As a designer I’m able to work in a few different styles, I’ve done a lot of geometrics, photographic style prints, novelty prints, tribal and ethnic style prints and some florals too, but I always come back to abstract painterly designs it was I most enjoy creating!

I do love to paint on paper but I like the combination of paper and then digitally altered designs. My style is a fusion of this, paintings and then work on the computer which gives it a modern twist.


Amy Sia’s Colourful Cushions Add Energy Into A Relaxing and Sombre Colour Theme

Did you grow up in Australia and did the surroundings of Australia inspire your creative eye?


I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I think my eye for colour has been influenced by being brought up there. Generally Australians have a taste for brighter colours in their homes and wardrobes and I think the sunny climate is a big part of why this is the case.


You came to London 3 years ago, what inspired you to move to the other side of the world?


I had visited London a few times before I made the move and I loved the city. As a fashion designer it’s one of the centres of the industry and the lure of interesting creative work was a huge draw for me, so I decided to make the move.




You’ve worked with some great brands, such as Urban Outfitters and Selfridges – what did you design for them?


Urban outfitters have bought my textile print designs and also stock my artwork as prints in their online store, perfect for a spot of home decorating! Selfridges currently stock my cushion range.


One of My Personal Favourites, The Tidal Dream Cushion by Amy Sia

You worked in fashion previously, what do you think that this has brought to your own interiors label?


Working in fashion has brought a playfulness and freedom to the interiors component of my label, hopefully that is reflected in the range!


Amy Sia Styling Mixing Her Own Label New Cushions With Vintage Furniture

My style is a mixture of modern pieces and vintage finds. We live in a rental so it’s definitely a mix of styles (mine and my landlords!). Personally I love all things bohemian and vintage. My couch is covered in a scarf curtain made up of vintage scarves and decorated with Amy Sia cushions and a lambskin rug. There’s a lot of vintage finds from markets and travelling and when I can lots of fresh flowers!


What are your future plans for Amy Sia?


I’m not much of a planner, but I think some Amy Sia wallpaper, stationary or dinnerware would be an exciting addition to the brand.


That’s wonderful that you’re manufacturing in the UK – is the manufacturing industry in Australia big or as important as it is here? 


In the past there was a large manufacturing industry in Australia. Unfortunately the industry has shrunk a lot due to tariff reduction of the last few decades. Local manufacturing be it in the UK or Australia is really important, especially for smaller brands!


Thank-you so much for spending time with us Amy and for sharing your insights into your creative world.



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